With LAMENT, we do not trend towards the common standard of beauty, we know that the most gorgeous tattos are the ones that suit you best.

We are not said to make the most beautiful tattoos, but we are trying or best to crate the tattoo which fit you perfectly. We are proud of our longtime experiences, our passion for tattoos and the subtle view from the artist’s eyes.

The most modern tattoo technology

To meet our customers’ demand, LAMENT TATTOO is equipped with the most modern tattoo technologgy imported from Europe and the USA. The new tattoo neadles are completely 100% used just only onceand the other equipments are assured to be absolutely sterilized.

Creative tattoos

From the customers’ ideas and the tattoo artists’ opinions, Lament Tattoo has been creating many wonderful and cool dessign.

Artist LAM VO

He has a deep passion in tattoo arts for along time. His ability is abringing to you any tattoos in any styles, including the ones which are designed from your opinions.Especially with Blackwork Style, his strong point, it’s never dissapointed for you to choose.

It’s not ourprised that he is loved by many female customers. All tattoos which are designed by him are too subtle in every details. With the longtime experiences in the field of art, and designing game characters, you will get a super small tattoo with the extra skillful lines.

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She was naturally goad at architecture. However, she has been falling in love with tattoo arts. Rejecting architecture to tattoo arts, she was under the family, friends and personal pressure.

She is especially interested in Sketch and typographical styles. However, it’s not easy to make things difficult for her in the other styles such as Old School, New School…

With her enthusiam, you will own many soft, cute and strong personality tattoos by her delicate hands.

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Never difficult to share your ideas

LAMENT TATTOO is always willing to listen to your ideas, even though they are simple or crazy, cute or characteristic…LAMENT TATTOO will SKETCH OUT and DESIGN completely, then create an art work that show yours strong personality.

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